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At one time or another, all of us have faced a health problem which prevents us working, perhaps for only a day or two, or perhaps longer. While most of us are able to use this time away from our jobs to successfully recover with little or no resulting financial issues, when a substantial illness or injury prevents us from working for an extended period of time, the resulting loss in income can cause significant financial hardships. Fortunately, Social Security Disability Income benefits are available to help such people in need, providing a monthly payment intended to replace income lost to such a long-term illness and injury.

At The Golden Law Group, our knowledgeable Brandon Social Security Disability Income attorney helps many Tampa Bay area residents determine whether they qualify for Social Security Disability Income benefits. In addition, we help them through the complicated process of applying for the much-needed relief to which they are entitled.

Do I qualify for Social Security Disability benefits?

Floridians applying for Social Security Disability (SSD, or sometimes SSDI) income benefits must meet criteria both objective and subjective. These include:

  • Social Security history — Eligibility for SSD is based on a formula in which the amount of Social Security taxes the applicant has previously paid must exceed a threshold determined by the duration of his or her past employment. Applicants falling short in this category can only apply for Supplemental Security Income; however, we encourage clients who do qualify for SSD to also apply for SSI.
  • Capacity to work — Not only must an applicant prove that an injury or illness has prevented them from performing the basic functions of their job for at least a year, the Social Security Administration (SSA) is also required to determine whether that individual is capable of performing any other type of work which can provide income adequate to sustain them, based on individual factors such as the applicant’s age, education, past employment experience, transferable work skills, and the nature of the health issue under review.
  • Medical condition — While certain conditions (such as total blindness) can automatically qualify as disabling, an applicant’s generally must document that the illness or injury both exists and is sufficiently long-term, meaning that it has impaired their ability to work for at least a year.

Because of the idiosyncratic nature of certain health conditions, applicants should often be willing to subject their medical, employment, and financial records to close scrutiny from the SSA, as inadequate documentation of any aspect of their claim can lead to a swift denial of benefits. Well over half of all first-time applications for SSD income benefits are denied.

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How do I apply to receive these benefits?

Each SSD applicant bears the burden of proving both their disability and the adverse financial burden caused by that disability. Therefore, it is often necessary for an applicant to provide the SSA with documentation such as medical records or test results which indicate the existence and the nature of the condition, and opinions from doctors concerning the severity of the injury. The SSA may even request that an applicant be examined by one of its own doctors. Financial and employment documentation can include disclosure of items such as pay stubs, savings and checking account records, personal assets and property, and living conditions and expenses.

Because of the complexity of this application process, it is recommended that anybody seeking SSD income benefits first consult with an experienced Tampa Social Security Disability Income attorney for advice on whether they should apply for SSD income benefits or SSI benefits (or both), to help them to gather all necessary documents, and for guidance on how best to present their individual claim to the SSA.

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To learn whether you qualify for SSD benefits, and to get started on your claim today, we urge you to call our dedicated Brandon Social Security Disability Income attorney as soon as possible. At The Golden Law Group, we help you understand your options, assist you in preparing your application, and aggressively represent your throughout all stages of the claims process. For a free initial consultation, contact us online or call us at (813) 375-0098. We have offices in Brandon and Bradenton for your convenience.

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