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Social Security Expected to be a Key Issue Throughout the 2016 Election Cycle

The Social Security debate has been ongoing for decades. It is always an issue that comes up from time to time in elections, but this election cycle will likely be different. Social Security is expected to become a primary issue once the general election begins to unfold. It has become more than just a political issue—it may be a political crisis.

Florida is one of the states at the forefront of the Social Security issue. Florida has one of the highest populations of people receiving Social Security in the country. It is unclear how the system is going to change and effect people receiving benefits whether from their retirement or from a disability they are suffering from. Brandon Social Security attorneys are already preparing for any anticipated changes to the system. Because it is unlikely that the changes would be retroactive, they are fighting for as many people as possible to secure their benefits before changes could go into effect that would have an adverse impact on their financial security.

The creation of Social Security was nearly a hundred years ago and it has been decades since it has been changed in any significant way. As the country’s population has changed, the need for modification to the system has become clearer. Brandon Social Security attorneys expect that the changes are not going to make lives easier on anyone that depends on these benefits. They encourage citizens to participate in the election process to minimize the challenges they face from Social Security reform in the future.

Social Security benefits are going to change in the near future. The question that remains is how they are going to change and who is going to be the one responsible for leading those changes. The only thing certain is that everyone who wins their elections this fall is going to have a seat at the table when the decisions about Social Security reform are made.

At The Golden Law Group, our Brandon Social Security disability attorneys are committed to fighting for the Social Security benefits that so many Americans depend on. We offer free initial consultations to inform you about your rights and help you navigate the Social Security system. You can call us at 813-375-0098 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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