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What Are Common Truck Accident Injuries

Truck Accident Injuries Attorney in Brandon, FL

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), commercial trucks are the largest vehicles on the road, weighing 20 to 30 times as much as passenger vehicles and taking 20 to 40% longer to stop safely than a passenger car. When one of these behemoths is involved in an accident, the sheer size of the vehicle can cause catastrophic damage. You may find yourself wondering, “What are common truck accident injuries?”

Truck accidents frequently result in fatalities or serious injuries to passenger vehicle drivers. If you or a loved one has been injured in a trucking accident, or you have questions about the common truck accident injuries in Brandon, FL, please contact our skilled Brandon truck accident lawyer right away.

Golden Injury Attorneys is one of the best law firms in Florida and will fight for the highest possible compensation for your injuries.

Why Do I Need a Truck Accident Lawyer in Florida?

Each case is distinct. To avoid mistakes or delays in the case, it is best to have representation from the start. It is critical to understand that all states have time limits, also known as statutes of limitations, for personal injury lawsuits. Claimants must file their claims within those time frames.

Filing a claim to obtain fair compensation for the truck accident injuries you experienced you sustained is frequently more difficult than one might imagine. Even a seemingly simple case can turn out to be extremely complex. Our Brandon truck accident lawyer’s duties may include the following:

Study the Claim

One of the most difficult aspects of a personal injury case is identifying all of the responsible parties and potential defendants. Many parties may play a role in vehicle maintenance and accident prevention in the trucking industry, and thus many individuals may have acted negligently.

Gather Proof to Back Up the Claim

A personal injury firm should have the necessary skills and resources to gather evidence to support the victim’s claim. Certain records are not required to be kept indefinitely by trucking companies. As a result, following a truck accident, it is critical to send preservation letters requiring the company to retain crash-related records.

Communicate With Insurance Companies

Our skilled Brandon truck accident lawyer can examine all of the details of the insurance policy and determine the amount of compensation that may be available in a specific case. We will also handle all insurance company communications.

Draft and File Legal Documents

If the insurance company refuses to settle, we may draft a complaint and file a lawsuit in the appropriate court within the time limits prescribed by law. The complaint details the facts of the case as well as the amount of compensation sought by the injured party.

Conduct Discovery

The discovery process in a personal injury case allows both parties to exchange information about the case, including witnesses and other evidentiary information. Following the completion of discovery, both parties may be in agreement about the case’s strengths and weaknesses, which can sometimes lead to a settlement.

Represent Our Clients at Trial

If your case goes to trial, our competent Brandon truck accident lawyer will represent you. We will use all available evidence to establish the facts of your case. Any trial requires a great deal of planning. Throughout the process, we will advise and support you. The following are the steps in a full trial (assuming no settlement):

  • Choosing a jury
  • Making opening statement
  • Witness examination and cross-examination
  • Making final arguments
  • Understanding of appropriate jury instructions
  • Deliberation and decision of the jury

Our truck accident lawyer is well-versed in court procedures and has the knowledge to present all evidence while zealously protecting your rights.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Truck Accident Injuries in Brandon, FL?

All truck drivers are aware of the dangers of driving close to an 18-wheeler, garbage truck, or delivery vehicle. The impact force of large vehicles moving at high speeds is many times that of smaller cars. Long trailers, on the other hand, have numerous blind spots where vehicles can be sideswiped or pinned against guardrails.

Truck accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, but there are a few factors that are common in these types of crashes, including:

  • Driving While Distracted
  • Inadequate Truck Maintenance
  • Impaired Drivers
  • Overloaded Trailers
  • Drowsy Driving
  • Dangerous Driving

What Are Common Truck Accident Injuries?

A truck accident can drastically alter your life in an instant. If you’ve been in a truck accident, you’ve most likely been seriously injured. Your truck accident injuries could be visible, painful, or even incapacitating. Your injuries may be concealed, or you may have begun to feel pain or impairment days after the accident.

Perhaps you’ve been treated for injuries but are still suffering from the consequences. Sustaining injuries in a trucking accident can be painful and debilitating, making daily life difficult. If you have suffered any of the following common truck accident injuries in Brandon, FL, you should seek legal counsel.

Here is a list of common injuries related to truck accidents:

Injuries to the Neck and Back

Truck accidents violently jar your body, which can injure your spine. Even minor discomfort can cause headaches, missed work, or abandonment of physical activities. Some severe spine injuries, such as a dislocated spinal disc, may render you immobile. Any of the following conditions can result from a truck crash:

  • whiplash
  • fractures of the spine or neck
  • disks that have dislocated
  • injuries to the spinal cord

Injuries to the Head and Brain

Traumatic head and brain injuries can have long-term effects on cognitive function, quality of life, and even personality. Following an accident, nausea, confusion, vision or other sensory problems, dizziness, difficulty speaking or thinking, loss of consciousness, or changes in behavior or sleep patterns could be signs of a brain injury. Among these injuries are:

  • concussions
  • whiplash-related head trauma
  • lacerations
  • brain lesions
  • TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

Fractures and Broken Bones

Because a loaded semi-truck can weigh ten or more times as much as an ordinary car, the shock that a collision with one sends through your body is also much stronger. This can result in several fractures and breaks, which may require surgical intervention. The following are some examples of common broken bones and fractures:

  • rib fractures
  • arm fractures
  • leg fractures

Internal Organ Injuries

The blunt trauma of a truck accident can cause internal organ damage or bleeding. While some internal injuries will heal on their own with proper care, these injuries can cause complications and difficulties for the rest of your life. Some examples of internal organ injuries are:

  • a pierced lung or heart
  • injuries to the bladder
  • injuries to the liver
  • kidney damage
  • injuries to the pancreas

External Injuries

External injuries from truck accidents can be excruciatingly painful, leaving scars that may never fade. They can also cause deformities, limb loss, infections, and other problems. Other common external injuries are as follows:

  • cuts
  • wounds
  • lacerations
  • crushing wounds


Burns are common in commercial truck collisions because these vehicles contain more fuel and sometimes carry flammable cargo. These collisions can result in blazing explosions that engulf the vehicles in an instant. Burns are excruciatingly painful, increasing the victim’s chances of infection, disfigurement, and psychological trauma. Smoke and fire can both cause long-term lung damage.

Injuries to the Spinal Cord

Spinal cord injuries are among the most serious injuries that can result from a truck accident. The spinal cord is in charge of relaying messages from the brain to the rest of the body. When the spinal cord is injured or severed, it can result in partial or complete paralysis below the point of injury.

Bathing, eating, and speaking can become difficult or impossible as a result. Spinal cord injuries can have far-reaching consequences for you and your family.

Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, commercial trucking vehicles are responsible for many highway fatalities. When a loved one is killed in a trucking accident, you may feel as if your entire world has come crashing down around you. It’s also difficult to deal with the deceased’s medical and funeral expenses, as well as the loss of financial support.

While no amount of money can bring your loved one back, receiving compensation can help cover these costs and allow you to concentrate on healing.

Golden Injury Attorneys could assist you if you suffered any of these truck accident injuries in Brandon, FL. Insurance companies may offer you a settlement that is less than what you deserve. We will assist you in obtaining the full amount that your case is worth. Our law firm is well-known for obtaining large verdicts for truck accident victims. Call right now to set up your free case evaluation.

What Steps Should You Take Following Truck Accident Injuries in Brandon, FL?

Following truck accident injuries in Brandon, FL, here are some steps you can take to protect your right to compensation.

Call Emergency Services

Calling law enforcement to the accident scene serves as a memorial to the accident. This is critical if the defendant claims that the accident did not happen on that day or at that time or that they were not at fault. Law enforcement should gather evidence, speak with witnesses, interview all parties involved, and write an official report.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Even if you are unsure whether you were injured, you should seek medical attention following a trucking accident. Minor traumatic brain injuries as a result of truck accidents are more common than you might think.

If you experience any of the following symptoms after a truck accident, please have someone drive you to the hospital as soon as possible (concussion, blurry vision, double vision, ringing in ears, vertigo, nausea, pounding headache, trouble balancing, dropping items, etc.).

Soft tissue injuries, such as neck or back pain, are not always obvious. Make an appointment with a doctor, such as a chiropractor, orthopedic surgeon, or your primary care physician, as soon as possible after a crash, no matter how minor.

Photograph the Accident Scene

Photograph the accident scene from various distances and angles. Gathering information from the other driver is also part of the documentation process. This is something you can do before law enforcement arrives at the accident scene. Make sure to gather the following information, among others:

  • The home address, name, and contact information of the other driver
  • The license plate number of the truck
  • The number on the other driver’s license
  • The insurance information of the other driver

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Call your insurance company and request a claim number. We recommend that you only report the claim (time, date, and location of the crash) and provide your vehicle’s location. Do not bring up your injuries. You can always request that our skilled Brandon truck accident lawyer file the claim on your behalf. Your insurance company is not on your side.

They are constantly looking for ways to dismiss your claim. Anything you say to them could be used against you later.

Speak With a Truck Accident Attorney

It is always a good idea to consult with our experienced Brandon personal injury attorney regarding your truck accident case. We can provide sound legal advice and assist you in dealing with devious insurance adjusters or defendants.

What Are the Potential Damages I Can Get?

While each accident has its own set of circumstances and thus different damages, the most common damages for a truck accident:

  • Medical expenses relating to the truck accident injury
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wages lost
  • Earning capacity loss
  • Disfigurement
  • Mental and emotional anguish
  • Physical disability
  • Loss of consortium

In some cases, you may be entitled to punitive damages in addition to the aforementioned monetary damages. Punitive damages are awarded when there is proof of willful or malicious negligence or when the negligent party intends to cause harm to another person.

Punitive damages may be awarded in the event of a truck accident if the driver is found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or in certain other limited circumstances.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Florida?

The statutes of limitations are state laws that govern the amount of time you have to file a personal injury claim. You have four years from the date of your truck accident in Florida to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages. If, on the other hand, someone died as a result of the truck accident, the deceased’s family has only two years from the date of death to file a wrongful death claim.

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