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Low-Speed Accidents

Qualified Low-Speed Accidents Attorney in Brandon, Florida

As soon as you have been injured in a low-speed impact collision in Brandon and the surrounding areas of Florida, you must call our seasoned low-speed accidents attorney, who can assist you in recovering full and fair compensation for your injuries, damages, and losses.

In situations involving injuries sustained in a car accident, the injured party has a limited time to bring a lawsuit for damages suffered due to the accident. The statute of limitations for vehicle, truck, and motorcycle accident suits in Florida is four years from the date of the accident.

Again, it is to your best advantage to obtain legal assistance as quickly as possible since time can make establishing liability or locating witnesses more difficult. Contact us at Golden Injury Attorneys so we can discuss your legal options.

Why Do You Need a Low-Speed Accidents Attorney in Florida?

Our skilled Brandon low-speed accidents attorney can assist you with your case while you heal from your physical and mental trauma. Below are the reasons for retaining our legal services. We can:

      • Assess your damages
      • Indicate whether you have a case
      • Guide you to the legal procedure
      • Investigate the collision
      • Establish the opposite party’s liability
      • Negotiating with insurance firms
      • Fight for compensation
      • Bring your case to court

Establishing liability

This is usually the key to prevailing in personal injury cases. We may assist you in establishing the other driver’s carelessness by demonstrating that they:

      • Owed you a reasonable standard of care,
      • Violated that standard, and
      • That violation resulted in your injuries and losses.

There’s no harm in giving us a ring, so contact us immediately if you are prepared to hold the responsible person accountable. We think no one should be responsible for the costs of an accident they did not cause, even if it were a low-speed accident.

What Constitutes Low-Speed Accidents?

A low-speed impact collision can occur when a careless motorist drives at a low speed rather than a high speed. Even though many insurance companies will dispute injuries received as a consequence of this vehicle accident, injuries occur regularly in low-speed collisions, which can also end in death or severe physical injury.

Since these types of claims are frequently contested by an irresponsible motorist or their insurance company, you must contact our knowledgeable Brandon low-speed accident attorney to assist you in fighting for your rights.

What Are the Common Causes of Low-Speed Accidents in Florida?

Low-speed vehicle accidents are frequently caused by the carelessness of another motorist who was going at a lesser speed at the time of the collision. Among the most prevalent reasons for carelessness in low-speed crash claims are:

      • The careless motorist disregarded road or traffic signs.
      • The negligent motorist fell asleep behind the wheel.
      • The reckless motorist was preoccupied while driving.
      • The careless driver was engaged in mobile phone conversation or texting.
      • While driving a vehicle, the negligent driver was influenced by drugs or alcohol.

Suppose you were injured in a low-speed impact incident caused by another motorist’s negligence. In that case, you should call our competent low-speed accident attorney in Florida, who will make every attempt to help you acceptably settle your case or file a lawsuit against the irresponsible driver on your behalf.

What Are the Possible Injuries Following a Low-Speed Accident?

When a collision happens at a slower speed, the vehicle’s occupants feel the impact far more than indicated by the vehicles. Insurance companies would swiftly reject any personal injury claim resulting from a low-speed collision because such events are unlikely to or cannot cause substantial damage. In other instances, the insurance company may even accuse plaintiffs of seeking reimbursement for pre-existing injuries.

In these situations, individuals can incur a range of injuries. Some of the injuries people experience in these incidents include, but are not limited to, the following:

        • Bursitis
        • Neck Injuries
        • Spinal cord injuries
        • Sprains, strains, and other Soft Tissue Injuries (STIs)
        • Stress fractures
        • Tendonitis
        • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)
        • Whiplash

What Factors Determine the Extent of Injury in a Low-Speed Accident?


The Position of the Passengers Inside the Vehicle

Other factors can also be utilized to estimate the severity of injuries sustained in a low-impact accident. How a person is positioned in a vehicle is equally crucial and may cause an accident. Examples include:

        • A bent head at the moment of collision
        • Not correctly positioned with the headrest
        • Lower back not pressed on the lumbar support of the seat

Although these are only a few of the elements that might cause injury after a collision, they can play a significant effect in the injuries that are sustained.

The Angle of the Vehicle

When considering the severity of an injury following an accident, the angle at which the vehicle was impacted is another aspect. If the vehicle is impacted farther to the right or left, the occupants’ spines may be subjected to rotational forces, increasing the risk of damage. Even if the collision appears to be minor, the likelihood of spinal injury increases if the occupant is leaning forward or turned in the seat.

The Age of the Vehicle’s Passengers

Age is an additional factor in injury risk during a low-speed accident. As people age, the discs in their spines stiffen, and their reflexes diminish. In rare instances, joints may have acquired undetected arthritis. Additionally, older individuals have less flexible muscles and ligaments. These variables enhance the risk of neck and spine injuries in the elderly. In addition, recovery durations are longer for older persons, and many are less tolerant of minor sprains and strains.

What Must You Do Following a Low-Speed Accident in Florida?

Numerous individuals will, sadly, be involved in a low-speed vehicle accident at some time in their life. Your actions after an accident might determine whether you win or lose a personal injury claim. By adhering to the below steps, you can improve your injury claim.
Always contact our seasoned Brandon low-speed accidents attorney as soon as possible following a collision.

To show that the other motorist was liable for the accident and your injuries, we can assist you in gathering crucial evidence and may collaborate with an accident reconstruction specialist.

Contact Authorities

After an accident, you should immediately notify the police and emergency, medical professionals. Refrain from moving your vehicle until assistance arrives unless abandoning it poses a bigger safety risk. You should relocate to a secure spot and avoid traffic.

Obtain Medical Care

If you feel even slightly injured, you should seek medical attention. You may not recognize your injury until the following day or later. A physician or medical personnel can detect ailments, such as concussions, early detection. If you don’t want to go in an ambulance to the hospital, have a buddy drive you there for a thorough inspection.

Collect Contact Details

Collect all affected parties’ names, phone numbers, addresses, license plate numbers, and insurance information. You should also gather information from all prospective witnesses who may testify in your Florida injury claim.

Document the Accident Scene

If you have a camera, snap images from all angles of the accident scene. These should also be photographed if you or your passengers have incurred injuries. As part of your Florida injury claim, our skilled Brandon low-speed accident attorney may utilize the accident images as evidence.

Take Notes Regarding the Accident

Note the specifics of the accident, including the events leading up to it and the weather and road conditions. Memories tend to fade with time; therefore, these notes will be crucial to any injury claim. Document the degree of your injuries, any discomfort you have, and the medical treatments you have gotten if you are harmed. It should also be stated if you must skip work due to your injuries or doctor’s visit.

Employ Our Qualified Low-Speed Accidents Attorney

If you have been seriously injured in a low-speed vehicle accident, retain our qualified low-speed accident attorney in Brandon for assistance with your injury claim. We can help you obtain reasonable compensation by gathering evidence and negotiating with the insurance provider. We will prepare your personal injury case for trial if no settlement can be made.

Ask for the Police Report

Request the police report about your low-speed collision. The accident report will include details such as the date and time of the incident, the meteorological conditions, and the location of the accident scene. It may also have the officer’s assessment of who was at fault for the collision. Suppose the officer concluded that the other party was at fault for the accident. In that case, this might be helpful when negotiating with the insurance company or if your Florida injury claim goes to court.

What Are the Damages Available for Low-Speed Accidents?

Even if an insurance company denies liability, you may be legally entitled to compensation from the irresponsible driver for any losses or damages you incurred due to your injuries. Patients may require months or even years of costly medical care in certain situations, while others may experience severe discomfort that prevents them from returning to work.

If a negligent driver caused your collision and you received whiplash or another injury, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Our Brandon low-speed accidents attorney can estimate the compensation you may obtain.

Medical Expenses

In a personal injury case, you may be able to receive compensation for expensive medical expenses, such as:

        • Doctor visits
        • Hospitalizations
        • Prescribed medicines
        • Psychiatric treatment
        • Medical gadgets
        • Ambulance transport
        • Home-based care

Typically, you can recover all costs related to an accident caused by the other motorist. You must keep all of your medical bills as evidence of your losses.

Loss of Wages

In addition to medical expenses, a neck injury might cause you to miss work, resulting in lost pay. You may recover any of the following damages relating to your employment:

        • Wages and salaries
        • Earning capacity
        • Permanent or temporary impairment
        • Bonuses
        • Vacation or vacation salary
        • 401(k) or retirement contributions
        • Promotions

Pain and Suffering

In most personal injury cases, you can seek damages for physical and emotional pain and suffering. It is a complex and subjective calculation that is often based on the severity of the accident – in this example, low – and the degree of your injuries.

Property Loss

Even in low-impact rear-end collisions, your bumper may sustain severe damage. If you were not at fault for the crash, you should not have to pay to repair or replace your bumper. You may also be compensated for the expense of alternative transportation, such as public transit, ridesharing, or a rental car, while your vehicle is inaccessible.

How Can Our Skilled Brandon Low-Speed Accidents Attorney Help?

We can employ an investigator to reconstruct the vehicle accident and locate evidence of what occurred, including proof of the other driver’s negligence and that the collision caused your injuries or damages. Once the evidence has been acquired, our skilled Brandon low-speed accident attorney will compile the medical bills, accident reports, repair invoices, receipts, photographs, witness testimony, and expert reports to file a compensation claim with the person or parties legally liable for your damages.

Our low-speed accident attorney in Brandon will attempt to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. If that is not possible, we will file a lawsuit and present your claim with supporting evidence to a court or jury.

Call Our Low-Speed Accidents Attorney in Brandon, Florida, Today

If you sustained significant injuries in a low-speed accident, you would need legal advice before attempting to negotiate with the irresponsible driver’s insurance company. We at Golden Injury Attorneys have handled these cases for years.

Our law firm serves Brandon and the entire state of Florida. Call us immediately to take advantage of our free consultation with our low-speed accident attorney in Brandon, FL, who will review your case and discuss your legal alternatives.

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