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Semi-Truck Accident

Brandon Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer

Accidents involving semi-trucks in Florida can happen at any time for various reasons. Large trucks like semi-trucks and tractor-trailers can cause significant damage to both motorists and their vehicles. Due to the severity of the damage and injuries associated with semi-truck accidents, filing legal claims can be difficult and time-consuming. But a Brandon semi-truck accident lawyer can help you navigate this process smoothly. 

If you or a loved one were injured in a semi-truck accident, you have the right to seek compensation. You need a semi-truck accident attorney in Brandon on your side. The semi-accident legal team at Golden Injury Attorneys will take prompt action to safeguard your right to fair compensation. 

If you want more accurate and specific information about your semi-truck accident claim, contact our Brandon truck accident lawyer and schedule a free consultation. 

Why do I need a Semi-Truck Accident Attorney in Florida?

If you have been involved in an accident where a semi was either the cause or a participant, you must immediately seek legal representation from a Brandon semi-truck attorney. Massive semi-trucks can weigh over 80,000 pounds, resulting in serious injuries and fatalities. It’s important that you explore your legal options to determine the best fit for your needs. 

Golden Injury Attorneys, a personal injury law firm in Brandon, FL, are familiar with Florida trucking laws, the procedures that truckers must adhere to, the evidence that judges deem crucial, and the small details that may matter in your case. Our lawyers are ready to assist you in defending yourself when the trucking businesses and insurance companies try to blame you for the accident. 

Here are a few ways we can help you win your case.  

  • Navigate truck law and federal regulations
  • Conduct site investigations 
  • Collect relevant evidence
  • Determine liability
  • Identify witnesses and coordinate with them
  • Consult accident and legal experts 
  • Identify damages
  • Negotiate a fair settlement with insurance companies 
  • If a settlement is not reached, pursue and file a personal injury lawsuit 
  • Prepare, guide, and represent you in all legal procedures  

Choosing the right Brandon semi-truck accident attorney to handle your case will be a game changer. Nothing beats a legal team with years of experience and the necessary resources to provide the best outcome for your case. Get in touch with our team at Golden Injury Attorneys when you’re ready. We’ll wait for your call! 

 What are Semi-Trucks?

Brandon semi -truck accident lawyerThe term “semi-truck” refers to the largest commercial trucks – tractor-trailers, often known as big rigs and 18-wheelers. The name originates from the trailer itself. It is a “semi” truck since it lacks front wheels, cannot run independently, and must be towed. 

On national network highways, the maximum length of a semi-truck and trailer combination is 75 feet. Still, the maximum length is often 65 feet on non-national network routes. Federal regulations restrict states from reducing allowable lengths to less than 53 feet on interstates and access highways. Many states, including Florida, limit non-federally funded roadways to a maximum width of 53 feet.

Semi-trucks are dangerous because you can end up in a truck collision. Some examples of semi-truck accident types include 

  • Jackknife. This happens when a truck folds at a 90-degree angle, resulting in the driver losing control.
  • Wide turns. Drivers may collide with pedestrians or other vehicles if they cannot see the right side of their vehicle when turning left to make a wide right turn.
  • T-bone. When drivers disregard a red light, they risk colliding with another vehicle at a perpendicular angle.
  • Under ride. Drivers hit from behind may become trapped beneath a truck’s trailer.
  • Rollovers. This occurs when the truck rolls over and skids across the road, causing other drivers to collide with them.

Truck collisions typically result in greater property damage, more severe injuries, and a greater likelihood of fatalities among motorists and passengers. If you or a loved one sustained injuries due to a semi-truck accident, immediately reach out to a Brandon semi-truck accident lawyer.

Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents in Brandon

Although no one intends for commercial truck accidents to occur, accidents do happen frequently. Here are several reasons why semi-truck crashes occur

  • Distracted driving 
  • Improper loading of cargo 
  • Aggressive driving behaviors
  • Brake problems
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Traveling on an unfamiliar roadway
  • Congestion or traffic flow problems
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Driver error
  • Poor truck maintenance 
  • Driver training 
  • Material falling from semi-trucks
  • Poor truck components 

All of these actions are negligent of either the truck driver, the shipping company, or both. You might be eligible for compensation if you were injured due to someone else’s negligence. A Brandon truck accident lawyer can assist you in pursuing justice and fair compensation. 

Common Brandon Semi-Truck Accident Injuries

Many truck accident victims are unsure whether or not they have a claim. They are unsure whether their injuries are severe enough to warrant legal action against the responsible party. However, neither the nature nor the severity of your injury determines your right to compensation.

The impact of your injuries on your life will strengthen your case. Having said that, we see specific semi-truck accident injuries in insurance and civil claims more frequently. Some examples are

  • Major whiplash 
  • Head trauma 
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Broken bones 
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Disfigurement or scarring
  • Severed limbs
  • Burns or lacerations
  • Back injuries
  • Catastrophic injury 
  • Wrongful death  

These are just a few common injuries that can occur in a Brandon semi-truck accident. Regardless of the injury, you will need a formidable legal team to protect your interests. Reach out to our semi-accident attorney immediately. 

Semi-Truck Accidents Liability in Florida 

It can be difficult to determine who is at fault in a semi-truck accident. This is not only because of the increased likelihood of suffering serious injuries but also because more than one party may be responsible for your injuries.

When filing a claim for damages following a semi-truck accident in Florida, it is critical to determine the identities of all parties who may have contributed to the collision in some way. It is important to determine who was at fault so that you can calculate the damages or monetary compensation you are entitled to receive.

Who Maybe Liable in a Florida Semi-Truck Accident Claims?

In some cases involving semi-truck accidents, the truck driver is at fault and should be named as the defendant. Sometimes it is unclear who is responsible for a semi-truck accident. And liability in a semi-truck crash may extend beyond the driver.

In addition to the truck driver, the following parties may be held liable in a Florida semi-truck accident:

  • The semi-truck company 
  • The owner of the semi-truck 
  • The company leasing the semi-truck 
  • The company leasing the trailer 
  • The truck, trailer, or parts manufacturer 
  • The shipper who loaded the transport 
  • Other third-party contractors or businesses responsible for the cargo
  • Another driver

Negligence and Semi-Truck Accidents in Brandon, FL 

Any driver on the roadways of Florida, especially truck drivers, must preserve the safety of others. This implies they must adhere to traffic regulations, maintain a proper watch, and do everything in their ability to avoid an accident.

You must first establish the driver’s negligence to file a claim and pursue financial compensation for injuries sustained in a truck collision. The law stipulates that the driver’s actions must meet certain criteria for the victim to hold them liable for the damage they caused. These factors include:

Duty of Care

Truck accident cases are premised on a duty of care. It is also the easiest aspect to demonstrate because all drivers are responsible for keeping other road users safe. For someone to be deemed negligent, they must have owed the victim a duty of care.

Breach of Duty

The next thing that needs to be demonstrated to establish negligence is that the party at fault did not fulfill their duty of care. Proving a breach is not always easy, but a Brandon truck accident attorney can help you demonstrate how the other party breached their duty of care and caused a semi-truck accident.

Causation of Damages

It is not sufficient to demonstrate that another party breached their duty of care. Rather, there must be an established direct correlation between their misconduct and the accident.


Damages are the final component of a negligence lawsuit. After establishing that a negligent party caused an accident, your semi-truck accident attorney in Brandon will need to demonstrate how this accident injured you. 

What Evidence Do I Need To Win My Case?

Your Brandon semi-truck accident lawyer must demonstrate by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant is liable for your injuries to win your Brandon semi-accident claim.

To accomplish this, you will need to present multiple pieces of evidence to support your position. Common types of evidence used to establish negligence in truck accident claims in Brandon include

  • Accident and police reports
  • Safety inspection reports
  • Medical records
  • Photos of your injuries
  • Video of the accident (black box data, if applicable)
  • Drug test results 
  • Cell phone records
  • Expert testimony
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Accident reconstructionist reports

Florida Shared Fault Law

Because Florida operates under a system of pure comparative negligence, sharing fault for your truck accident injuries will not prevent you from receiving damages. Under this system, you can share culpability for your injuries and still receive compensation for the portion of the accident for which you were not at fault.

For instance, if a jury found you 20% liable for a truck accident injury because you did not wear a seatbelt, your compensation would be reduced by 20%, leaving you with 80% of your total claim.

Sharing a percentage of liability in the accident may significantly impact your remuneration. You must seek legal advice from a Brandon semi-truck accident lawyer from Golden Injury Attorneys to ensure that insurance adjusters or jurors accurately examine your case’s liability.

Damages on a Semi-Truck Accident Claim in Florida

Insurance companies frequently pay for vehicle accident-related damages. These companies may make lowball offers to avoid paying large sums to compensate you for your injuries. However, because semi-truck accidents are likely to result in serious injuries, millions of dollars may be at stake.

If you were in a truck accident that resulted in serious injuries, a Florida semi-truck accident attorney might be able to get the insurance company to compensate you for

  • Current and future medical bills 
  • Rehabilitation and therapies 
  • Permanent disability or disfigurement
  • Lost wages and future lost income from an incapacity to work
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Mental distress
  • Loss of consortium 
  • Property damage 
  • Wrongful death

If it is proven that the conduct of the party at fault was motivated by malicious intent, punitive damages may also be considered in a semi-truck accident lawsuit. 

What Happens When You Seek Compensation For Your Damages?

To obtain compensation for your losses, you may need to file a personal injury claim with the insurance company representing the trucker or the trucking company. A Brandon semi-truck accident lawyer may be able to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf in some cases. These discussions may result in a settlement to cover your losses. 

If a settlement cannot be reached, you may file a personal injury case to pursue your claim in court. It is highly recommended you seek legal advice from a semi-truck accident attorney in Brando, to help you receive a favorable verdict.

Florida Semi-Truck Accidents Statute of Limitations

According to Florida Statute Section 95.11(3)(a), the window of opportunity for you to take legal action following a semi-truck accident in Brandon is limited. You have a period of four years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury claim against the parties who are liable for the accident.

On the other hand, in Section 95.11(4) (d) of the Florida Statutes, you have only two years from the date of the decedent’s death to file a claim of wrongful death.

To get started on your case, we strongly suggest you contact our semi-truck accident attorney in Brandon, FL, as soon as possible. An early start allows our dedicated commercial truck accident lawyers to create the strongest case for you. And it helps ensure that we can file your case within the statute of limitations in Brandon. 

Steps to Take After a Semi-Truck Accident 

If a semi-truck strikes you in Brandon, there are several immediate actions you may wish to take. Depending on the circumstances, it may be beneficial for you to:

  • Contact police authorities to report the collision
  • Obtain medical care by dialing 911
  • Take photographs of the accident scene and your injuries
  • Obtain the contact information of witnesses and the driver who hit you
  • Consider contacting a semi-truck accident lawyer from Golden Injury Attorneys

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Accidents involving semi-trucks can lead to serious injuries that frequently ensue and leave innocent drivers and passengers facing mountains of medical costs, missed paychecks, and prolonged agony and suffering. Accident victims are often confused and challenged about whether they should file a claim or a lawsuit. And that is why Golden Injury Attorneys provides a free initial consultation to help you determine if legal action is in your best interest.

Our Brandon personal injury lawyers at Golden Injury Attorneys offer compassionate and effective legal counsel to Florida residents tailored to meet your unique and sensitive situations. We also provide legal services in workers’ compensation and SSD claims areas. 

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