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Single-Vehicle Accidents Attorney in Florida

Single-vehicle crashes in Florida

Accidents involving a single car are among the most deadly kinds of collisions involving motor vehicles in FL. Many drivers are unaware of this. According to the findings of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a big chunk of all deadly car accidents in the state of Florida involved a single vehicle. 

It is vital that drivers in the state of Florida grasp the numerous variables of road safety due to the high probability of accidents involving a single car.

If you or someone you love has been hurt in a single vehicle accident, contact a single vehicle accidents attorney at Golden Injury Attorneys. Our competent legal team is here to help you every step of the way.

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Possible Causes Of Single Vehicle Accidents

Single-Vehicle Acidents attorneyThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) performed an inquiry on the causes of a single car accident. This study focused solely on incidents of a single vehicle crash wherein an automobile left the roadway.

The NHTSA reported that run-off-road motor vehicle incidents occurred in a high proportion of single-vehicle accidents that resulted in serious injury or death. Among the most significant contributors to single-vehicle accidents identified by this study are the following:

Unfavorable Weather Conditions

Weather conditions such as fog, rain, sleet, and snow make a single car accident more probable. Normal or clear weather conditions reduce the number of car accidents involving a single vehicle. Consequently, drivers are encouraged to use great caution when driving in bad weather conditions.


Alcohol-impaired drivers are more likely than sober drivers to be involved in single-vehicle collisions. To prevent this type of motor vehicle accident, drivers should avoid consuming alcohol while operating a motor vehicle.


Nighttime collisions involving a single vehicle are more likely to take place than daytime collisions. Because of this, motorists are cautioned to exercise an increased amount of caution while driving at night in order to reduce the risk of being involved in a collision with a single vehicle.

High occupancy automobiles

Vehicles with two or more occupants are more likely to be involved in accidents involving a single vehicle. This increase in single car accident is largely because drivers are more prone to be distracted by passengers in overcrowded vehicles. Needless to say, a distracted driving accident happens more often when somebody or something is taking the attention of the driver off the road.


Younger drivers between the ages of 15 and 24 are more likely than all other age groups to be involved in a single car crash. This younger age group should exhibit extra caution while driving to prevent single-vehicle collisions.


Run-off-road accidents involving a single car are more likely to include speeding vehicles than non-speeding vehicles. Accidents involving speeding vehicles are more likely to occur at road bends and embankments. An auto accident caused by speeding on straight roads are less frequent than accidents caused by speeding on curved highways. 

In many single-vehicle crashes, determining the vehicle’s speed before impact is car accident challenging. The recent single car accident on Interstate 5 is, in many respects, a textbook example of a single-vehicle accident caused by speeding, as the driver lost control of the vehicle on an incline, and law enforcement reported that the vehicle was moving faster than average. Drivers can lessen the likelihood of a single-vehicle accident by slowing down, especially in curved sections of the road.

Performance Linked Variables

Drivers with performance-related variables, such as inattention, excessive vehicle correction, or fatigue, are more likely to be involved in a single auto accident. If any of these performance-related indicators are present, drivers should drive with heightened caution to prevent personal injury to themselves or other people.


Male drivers are more likely than female drivers to be involved in single-car accidents.

Determining Fault In Single-Vehicle Accidents

While this item has already explored some of the elements that tend to enhance the risk of a single car crash, there are also some factors that tend to directly cause the accident, such as the following:

Construction Locations

There are construction zones all around Florida, and these zones must pose little danger to motorists. Each zone should be clearly delineated and have signages telling drivers of the safest route to go through it. When construction zones are not properly managed, the likelihood of a single-vehicle accident increases.

Deficient Highways

Hydroplaning is one way that faulty roads can cause single-vehicle accidents. Well-designed roads allow water to drain to the side of the road rather than pool in the center of the road.

Defective Automobile Parts

Defective vehicle parts, such as malfunctioning brakes, steering wheels, tires, or any other part essential for the safe operation and control of a motor vehicle, can directly cause single-vehicle accidents. When these components malfunction, a driver may lose control of a vehicle, resulting in a serious car accident injury or even wrongful death.

Other Driver Errors

Driver error is caused by a multitude of variables, including alcohol consumption, fatigue, and speeding. These errors tend to increase the likelihood that a driver may lose control of a motor vehicle, interfering with the driving of another vehicle and causing an off-road collision similar to the recent incident on Interstate 5.

What Should I Know About Receiving a Settlement for a Car Accident?

An insurance company will call you shortly after a car accident and attempt to reach a settlement before it is evident how much harm a person has sustained. In the majority of cases where clients were offered settlements prior to hiring a lawyer, the insurance company typically offers to cover the outstanding medical bills plus a few hundred dollars more. 

The main issue with accepting this offer is that it can take anywhere from eight months to several years for an accident victim to fully recover. In cases involving significant injuries, future medical expenses are a serious concern. If you accept an insurance company’s initial offer, you will be required to sign a release preventing payment of future medical expenses.

When you contact a vehicle accident attorney from our law office to represent you, the initial step will be to document your injuries and damages. We collect medical bills, documents, estimates of property damage, police reports, and employment data if a loss of income has occurred. Using all of this information and a thorough discussion with our clients about their real injuries, we can estimate the economic damages and other fair compensation you may be entitled to in your car accident case.

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