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Train Accidents

Train Accident Attorney in Brandon, Florida

Traveling by train is one of the most convenient ways of transportation in many countries all over the world. It is a cost-effective way of traveling, especially if you’re going a relatively short distance. Trains can go faster than cars. Commuter trains and subways are cheaper and more efficient means of getting to and from work. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Trains are widely presumed to be a safe way to travel. Although train accidents are extremely rare, they can be far more catastrophic compared to other public transportation crashes. If you or a loved one has been injured in a train accident, consulting a reliable Brandon train accident attorney at Golden Injury Attorneys will help you explore your legal options and receive the compensation that you deserve. Our personal injury law firm has decades of experience representing clients injured in railway accidents and those who have suffered all other types of personal injuries in Florida.

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Causes of Train Accidents

Railway accidents aren’t as common as other public transportation accidents. Unfortunately, when train accidents happen, they often result in serious injuries and fatalities. It is usually much more extreme than a typical car crash.

Train accidents can happen in a variety of ways for several different reasons. These accidents are often the result of mechanical failures and human error. A knowledgeable Brandon train accident lawyer can help you understand the common causes of personal injuries involving Florida trains.


Negligence is the leading cause of train accidents. The burden of this can fall on many parties, including the railway company, employees, conductors, and equipment manufacturers. Examples of railway negligence include the faulty operation of a crossing arm or the failure of signal light to provide adequate warning.

These may lead to crashes between two trains, train and motor vehicle, or train and pedestrian. Unfortunately, there are many instances of outdated railway safety technology. These negligent acts may pose a risk to the safety of the train passengers and drivers.

Human Error

Human error is always a potential factor in an accident. When conductors make serious mistakes, it can lead to devastating accidents and injuries. Poor judgment and impaired reactions of inexperienced conductors have caused numerous train disasters. Many conductors work long hours that leave them fatigued. Therefore, they cannot operate the train safely if they’re exhausted.

Furthermore, reckless drivers and pedestrians can cause grave mistakes as well. When these people are not aware of their surroundings, they often ignore or fail to see the rail crossings coming down. Train accidents can also be caused by a pedestrian on a train track or a car attempting to beat the train across a crossing.


A derailment is when a train runs off its rail. It can be caused by a collision with another object, mechanical failure of tracks, broken rails, defective wheels, or safety standard failures. Although many derailments are minor, all result in a temporary disruption of the proper operation of the railway system.

A serious derailment can be catastrophic if it takes place while the train is moving at a high rate of speed. Derailments that occur in crowded places can cause severe property damage and even pedestrian accidents.

Mechanical Failure

Despite the efforts of the train operators and railway employees to maintain the infrastructure of the tracks, trains, and operating systems, a train accident can still happen. Mechanical failure is one of the most common causes of train accidents and derailments. Trains must be regularly serviced to stay in good working condition. Failure to repair any mechanical issue could lead to a devastating accident in the future.

Responsibility of Train Companies

Railroad companies and commuter rail lines have a legal obligation to maintain the highest level of safety for all passengers. All train operators must follow the strict regulations of the Department of Transportation and Federal Railroad Administration. Florida railroad providers must also abide by the premises’ liability and negligence laws.

Multiple parties may be held liable for any pain and suffering, loss of income, medical costs, and other costs associated with a train accident. Responsible parties may include the train operator, employees, manufacturers, and suppliers of any defective parts of the train. Determining who was responsible for the train accident may be difficult, as it may have been a combination of mistakes leading to serious consequences. A top-ranking train accident attorney in Brandon will help you identify the liable parties and investigate the facts of the train crash.

The details of a train accident must be analyzed carefully to determine fault and proper compensation. If proven that the train accident was caused by the negligence of the train operator, they will be held liable to pay for any damages and losses that occurred on the passenger’s account. But, if the train crash was caused by a defective train or railway part, then there may also be state product liability laws that would permit the train accident victims to pursue a claim against the manufacturer of the part.

egardless of the cause, train accidents lead to catastrophic injuries or death. Filing a train accident claim may be able to help compensate for the damages. In case of wrongful death, the family of the victim may be able to pursue recovery for loss of income, medical bills, funeral costs, pain and suffering, and loss of companionship.

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Train accidents can be financially, physically, and emotionally devastating. Victims of train accidents may be severely injured, which can result in expensive medical treatment or inability to work. Filing a train accident claim can help you protect your right to compensation.

If you or your family member were injured in a train collision, our competent Brandon train accident attorney at Golden Injury Attorneys could help your case. If you are unsure whether you need to take legal action, we offer a free case evaluation to help you decide. Our personal injury law firm can help you determine liability in a train accident and collect fair compensation to help cover your losses. We take care of the filing process, case investigations, and legal battles while you focus on healing and recovery.

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