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Given the high denial rate in the initial phases, it is not at all unusual for a Social Security Disability/Social Security Income case to proceed to the later appeals phases. Such a development is very good news for claimants, as the judges in these forums are more receptive to innovative legal arguments after they dispassionately review the case. Rather than rehashing the facts or restating the same positions, successful appellate attorneys like those at Golden Injury Attorneys rely on meticulous preparation, thorough research, and effective advocacy.

The team of  Brandon Social Security Disability attorneys at Golden Injury Attorneys make the same commitment to all clients – staunch advocacy for you and your case. That ethic is apparent in every phone call we make, every email we send, and every brief we write. In our experience, if you pay attention to the details, the big picture comes into a much sharper focus.

Is my case over if the ALJ denies or adjusts the claim?

Broadly speaking, there are two areas that the Appeals Council will consider after the hearing before the Administrative Law Judge:

  • Denial: Many times, the ALJ may use the incorrect approach or consider improper evidence in denying a claim, and the Appeals Council is charged with correcting such errors.
  • Reduction: Other times, the ALJ allows the claim, but cuts the benefits below the necessary minimum. In most cases, the Appeals Council can either unilaterally adjust the benefits amount or return the case to the ALJ with instructions on how to proceed.

It is not enough to show that the ALJ was “wrong;” as your  attorney, we point to specific legal or technical errors that caused the adverse decision.

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What remedy is available in a civil court of appeals?

As an important preliminary matter, only a select number of attorneys are authorized to practice in the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

Most cases go before a three-judge panel of appellate court judges. In addition to transcripts of proceedings from lower courts, the judges review briefs from both sides that detail the legal arguments and factual matters that support their claims.

After examining these materials, the attorneys present oral arguments; the judges can also ask questions during this time. Similar to the Appeals Council, the circuit court can either remand the case for further proceedings or affirm the prior judgment. In some cases, the full circuit court, and even the Supreme Court, may agree to hear the matter.

If your Social Security disability claim has been denied, contact a skilled Brandon SSD/Brandon SSI lawyer to fight your appeal

At Golden Injury Attorneys, our Brandon SSD attorneys are prepared to fight your appeal as long as necessary to help you get the cash benefits that you and your family deserve. Contact us at 813-375-0098 or online today for a free consultation. We do not charge any upfront legal fees for SSI/SSD matters.

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