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Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Unsafe Lane Changes in Brandon, FL

Riding your motorcycle down the highway evokes a feeling of freedom and the notion that you can cruise and squeeze in just about anywhere you want. Of course, with the benefits come its disadvantages and the most common disadvantage is due to the motorcycle’s vulnerable nature, it leaves motorcycle riders open to all sorts of motorcycle accidents caused by unsafe lane changes. This is where a motorcycle accidents attorney comes into play. 

While it’s comforting to know you have an ally in your insurance company, keep in mind that they have a vested financial interest in resolving your personal injury claim as quickly and cheaply as possible. They have no interest in ensuring that your case is settled for the highest possible amount.

In contrast, our legal team has the same strong motive as you do to win your case because we will only charge if your claim is granted. This will result in the best possible outcome, benefiting both parties. You cannot expect that from your insurance provider.

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It’s important to know that you have legal options available to you when you get involved in motorcycle accidents caused by unsafe lane changes. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you seek compensation for injuries and damages, or a wrongful death claim. Don’t try to go up against the insurance company on your own, but rather let an experienced professional from Golden Injury Attorneys handle it for you. Give us a call now to book a free initial consultation.

Why Do I Need a Brandon Attorney for Motorcycle Accidents?

There are several reasons why you should hire a lawyer who is experienced in motorcycle accidents to reconstruct the vehicle crash scene of motorcycle accidents caused by unsafe lane changes:

  • Motorcycle accident lawyers are knowledgeable about the Florida law governing unsafe lane change accident.
  • A motorcycle accident lawyer understands what to look for in the investigation as well as what to anticipate from the insurance companies and the defense.
  • Police reports may not fairly capture the accident scene and may even be prejudiced in favor of the automobile driver.

When injured in motorcycle accidents caused by unsafe lane changes, accident victims need the best legal representation possible. Golden Injury Attorneys is a law firm that is committed to provide their clients the following: 

  • Comprehensive Legal Advice. Our lawyer is ready to provide comprehensive legal advice that can help you better understand your situation and what’s at stake.
  • Timeliness and Personalized Strategies. Time is of the essence when filing injury claims and the personal injury lawyer understands that. The lawyer works not only in a manner that is timely, but also takes into account your personal situation before making a move.
  • Preparation to Help You Stay Ahead. Nothing is worse than being caught off guard. The personal injury attorney at Golden Injury Attorneys will ensure that all the documents you need are ready and filed accordingly.

Working with an unsafe lane change lawyer may help you receive the full compensation you are entitled to and hold the responsible party liable for their actions. At Golden Injury Attorneys, we know that you may be facing a long and difficult recovery, and may be concerned about your ability to handle medical expenses, injuries, and damages. We fight aggressively for the compensation you deserve and handle every detail of your case so you can concentrate on recovery. Give us a call now to speak with our personal injury attorney.

What are Unsafe Lane Changes?

For drivers of any motor vehicle, whether a passenger vehicle or a motorcycle, changing lanes requires them to check to see whether there is a vehicle in the next lane that is quite near. It is critical that drivers check their blind spots by looking over their shoulders. Using a turn signal is also required for a safe lane change. In the case of motorcycles, this can be done by a flashing rear light. Motorcyclists have to use hand signals if their motorcycle’s blinkers do not work.

Vehicles must go slowly and consistently from one lane to the next. Moving too hastily, especially in bad weather, might result in a driver or motorcycle losing control. They should only change lanes one at a time. If a driver has to cross 2 or more lanes of traffic, they must be patient. Moving diagonally across several lanes of traffic is not safe.

Making any of the following actions constitutes an unsafe lane change:

  • Failure to check if there are vehicles in the other lane
  • Not checking the blind spots
  • Failure to use a light signal or hand signal
  • Moving at an excessively rapid pace
  • Crossing two additional lanes in a single move

Drivers who make an unsafe lane change risk colliding with another vehicle, pushing the other vehicle into another lane of traffic, or driving off the road. There are situations when one car needs to pound on the brakes, which might force the car behind it to swerve or perhaps rear-end the other car.

Who is Liable in Unsafe Lane Change Accidents?

The legal principle of “negligence” governs liability in the majority of motorcycle accidents. A person is considered negligent when he or she acts thoughtlessly or carelessly and injures another person. A motorcycle rider must use caution to avoid endangering other motorists, passengers, or pedestrians—practically anyone on the road. If a motorist is not sufficiently careful and injures someone as a consequence, the driver is responsible for the accident victim’s injuries. 

In several motorcycle accidents, the driver of another automobile or truck is at fault. The motorist can be negligent if he or she does something that should not have been done (for instance, rushing through a red light) or fails to do something that should have been done (for instance, failure to check side or rear-view mirrors before making a left-hand turn).

Naturally, it’s possible that the motorcycle driver was negligent. An intoxicated motorcyclist who swerves in front of an automobile, causing it to crash, would very certainly be held accountable for the injuries sustained by the car’s passengers.

To learn more about the basics of negligence in motorcycle road accidents, speak with a motorcycle and car accident attorney at Golden Injury Attorneys. We offer a free initial consultation.

How Do I Prove Liability? 

It can be difficult to prove liability in a car crash or a motorcycle crash in court, even if you know who was at fault. If you want to show that another driver changed lanes carelessly or illegally, you may need to get photos of the scene, accounts from witnesses, or police reports. In addition, you may be required to demonstrate that you did not contribute to the accident by speeding or swerving yourself, depending on the location of the incident.

Proving liability on your own is an insurmountable feat and you could find yourself confused and settling for less. Don’t give up just yet. Call a personal injury lawyer from Golden Injury Attorneys for help.

Can I Go Up Against an Unsafe Lane Change Ticket?

The majority of drivers behave responsibly when police troopers are nearby. Therefore, police wind up issuing countless traffic violations based on distant views, which severely limits their ability to assess whether or not a certain action was safe. If this is the situation in your case, you might want to ask the police officer during the cross-examination about his location in connection to the alleged violation. You may also highlight this issue during your own testimony.

Because unsafe lane-change violations are based on whether or not the actions of the driver in question were reasonably safe, it can be advantageous to refer to any factors that often prove the lane change was conducted under safe conditions. Clear weather and good road conditions, for instance, would usually back up the argument that the lane change was done safely.

Also, if another motorist approaching from behind you was driving extremely fast, leading to that car being near your car after your lane change, it may be beneficial to describe these conditions when testifying.

Going up against an unsafe lane change ticket can be quite the challenge. Get in touch with a personal injury lawyer for help with your case involving motorcycle accidents caused by unsafe lane changes so you can focus on getting better. 

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Motorcycle accidents caused by unsafe lane changes have caused a great deal of harm to those involved. It can result in something as minor as a bump or a scratch, or can even lead to serious injuries such as head injury, spine injury, or fractures. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident or car accident, get in touch with a motorcycle accident attorney from Golden Injury Attorneys. A motorcycle accident lawyer can fight for you in court, negotiate with insurance companies, and make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation right now.

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