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Brandon Social Security Disability Attorneys Work With You and Your Doctor

Medical evidence is critical when obtaining Social Security Disability benefits

It makes sense that medical disabilities can only be established through professional medical opinions. These professional medical opinions are submitted through and supported by documented medical evidence. Your standard doctor-patient relationship with a primary care physician may or may not provide enough medical information regarding your disability. Thankfully, the experienced Social Security Disability attorneys at The Golden Law Group have the experience and knowledge to work with you and your doctors in order to properly document your medical history and disability and help you obtaining Social Security Disability benefits.

The unique requirements of determining a disability require specialized medical considerations

If you have a disability, then you have likely received a significant amount of medical care surrounding that disability. However, diagnosing, treating, and documenting a debilitating condition or conditions does not automatically establish that you have a disability. Rather, this medical history is often taken in the context of a doctor trying to find an appropriate treatment for what is causing your disability. Additionally, many disabled individuals bravely try to overcome their disabilities and will not necessarily report the full extent of their condition to their doctor. Even worse, many disabled individuals often lack the resources to seek proper medical treatment because they are disabled and cannot work. The Brandon Social Security Disability attorneys at The Golden Law Group offer advices and services on a number of issues involving working with your doctor, such as:

  • Directing you to the appropriate doctor: Many times, people with disabilities need to see specialists. Tragically, many disabled individuals cannot even afford to see a doctor. We will help you find the necessary resources, through government aid or otherwise, to seek treatment and see appropriate specialists in Florida. You have enough to worry about, so let us show you how to navigate the system.
  • Obtaining your medical records: Gathering and compiling medical records, especially for someone with a long medical history, can prove incredibly time-consuming and complex. We will take care of this process and, should it become necessary, take legal measures to obtain your records.
  • Analyzing your medical records: Reading medical records is a skill that is not always innate. Rather, it is an involved process best left to people with the skill and experience to make sense of the records. Moreover, we offer a unique perspective in that we review your medical records from the perspective of experts in disability determinations.
  • Supplementing existing evidence: Sometimes, your medical records will not offer a complete picture of your disability and overall health. In these cases, we work directly with your doctors to obtain additional, detailed information regarding your disability, particularly as it relates to your functional limitations and inability to work.

Understanding medical information and working with doctors on complex health questions is not supposed to be easy. That is why the experienced Brandon Social Security attorneys at The Golden Law Group work with you and your doctor to understand and establish your disability.

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Brandon Social Security Disability attorneys make sense of your medical history

You need your medical records reviewed by individuals who are knowledgeable in disability determinations. Moreover, you need to know how to work with your doctor and which question to ask. But why take on that burden when knowledgeable attorneys can assist you? Call our dedicated Brandon Social Security Disability attorneys as soon as possible. At The Golden Law Group, we help you understand your options, assist you in preparing your application, and aggressively represent your throughout all stages of the claims process. For a free initial consultation, contact us online or call us at (813) 375-0098. We have offices in Brandon and Bradenton for your convenience.

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