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Fatal Car Accidents

Fatal Car Accidents Lawyers Serving Brandon, Florida

No matter how careful you may be, there is a danger that your loved ones can have a fatal car accident. Losing a family member is emotionally painful and can lead to financial burden from the medical bills and lost income. While money can’t replace a loved one, it can certainly ease the monetary load. Our skilled Brandon fatal car accidents lawyers from Golden Injury Attorneys are here for you!

If your loved one was injured or killed in a vehicle accident, contact Golden Injury Attorneys for a free consultation. Allow our lawyers to pursue compensation for you!

Why Do You Need Our Trusted Fatal Car Accidents Lawyers in Florida?

fatal car accidents lawyersThere are several causes of fatal car accidents. Here are some of the common ones:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Running red lights
  • Failure to yield
  • Unlawful or dangerous conduct
  • Technical issues with the car, like malfunctioning brakes. 

Our professional fatal car accident lawyer can examine a crash and establish liability. You will better understand what happened during the accident and your options in the aftermath.

At Golden Injury Attorneys, we serve our clients with courtesy, commitment, and individual care. We become their advocates and work diligently to get the best conclusion possible for their case. In a moment of loss, talking to one of our Brandon fatal car accident lawyers is essential.

What Are the Most Common Fatal Car Accidents in Florida?

Vehicles must be crash-worthy, bumpers must absorb collisions, and seat belts and airbags must prevent a fatal crash. Even with all these precautions, accidents can be highly deadly. 

Head-On Accidents

A head-on accident can be fatal. Both cars can drive at great speeds, resulting in a severe collision. A vehicle colliding with a stationary object, like a wall, causes serious damage to the vehicle and fatal casualties to the driver and passengers.

T-Bone Crashes

T-bone collisions happen when the front of one car collides with the side of another, creating a “T” at the point of impact. When a vehicle sideswipes a car, there is no bumper to absorb the impact. When the impact is to the front or back of the vehicle, seatbelts and airbags give enhanced protection. The impact might send the vehicle into another vehicle or object.


A car can roll over if another vehicle drives it off the road or down an embankment. The car’s roof might collapse, trapping or crushing the passengers. The vehicle is also flammable.

Was your loved one killed in a car crash? You may be entitled to compensation for your monetary and non-monetary losses. Contact one of our Florida fatal car accidents lawyers at Golden Injury Attorneys for assistance.

What Typical Injuries Can Lead to Fatality in a Car Accident?

Deaths are likely when a car collision involves a pedestrian or occurs at high speed. The damage to the victim’s body might be substantial, with injuries extending beyond superficial cuts and bruises.

These are some of the most common injuries that lead to fatalities in car crashes:

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

A TBI can be caused by a blow to the head or brain tissue penetration through the skull. Ripped tissues, bruises, and bleeding may occur as a result. In extreme situations, traumatic brain injuries can cause lifelong difficulties and even death.

Mild traumatic brain injuries may cause mental deterioration or unconsciousness. Extreme cases may include lengthy periods of unconsciousness, coma, or death.

Spinal Cord Damage

A quick hit from another vehicle or item can cause a spinal cord injury by jarring the body. There may be a substantial injury to the nerve endings or the spinal cord.

Spinal cord damage can lead to:

  • Inability to move,
  • Breathing trouble,
  • Coughing,
  • Paralysis,
  • Diminished physical function, or
  • In extreme cases, death.

Internal Hemorrhage and Wounds

Victims may not be aware of their internal injuries until they get to the emergency room. A physician can then check the patient to determine the extent of the damage and attempt to stop the bleeding.

However, internal bleeding can occur suddenly, resulting in death before medical care can be given.

Broken Bones

If bone shards pierce an organ, broken bones can cause death. For example, rib fractures can puncture the lungs, heart, intestines, liver, and other important organs.

As with other internal wounds, it might be difficult to locate and diagnose the damage. As such, a patient’s injuries may not receive sufficient care.

Medical care is important after an accident. However, it can be hard to pay the bills, even with insurance. Our lawyers at Golden Injury Attorneys can help recover compensation so you can pay the bills! Call us today for a free consultation!

What Are the Things That You Should Do After a Brandon Car Accident?

Regardless of how cautious and attentive you are, you have no defense against bad luck – or terrible drivers. Remain calm. This is easier said than done, but understanding what to do can help you avoid panic and take appropriate action.

Stay at the Accident Site

Do not leave. Under Florida laws, you must report any collision resulting in bodily injury or death, causes $500 or more in property damage, including a drunk driver, or being hit-and-run. Contact the Florida Highway Patrol or the local police department for assistance after a Brandon car accident. 

Inspect for Injuries and Seek Medical Care

Examine yourself and the passengers for visible injuries. If it is safe to do so, ask if the other driver and their passengers are injured. Do not apologize or say anything else. A simple “Are you hurt?” is enough. Don’t engage in conversation.

You may feel fine, but this might be the adrenaline talking. Florida law requires that you disclose your injuries within two weeks to obtain reimbursement from your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage.

Even if your injuries are minor, visit the emergency department or your primary care physician for a thorough examination. The sooner, the better.

Report the Incident

Even if the collision was minor, we strongly recommend you notify the police immediately. If the responding officer(s) do not submit a report, you must do so. Thankfully, this is simple to accomplish online. You will need a police report for insurance purposes and if you want to pursue further legal action.

Exchange Contact Details

When another motorist is involved in the collision, you should attempt to exchange insurance information. You do not need to reveal your phone number or address; they will communicate with your insurance provider.

Attempt to Obtain Witness Contact Details

If there were any witnesses to the accident, you should request their contact information. They could provide a more full view of the issue, which could prove useful in the future. They are not required to provide you with their information, so ask politely. The responding officer will talk to them if they remain at the site. If they don’t, the information you get from them can be important.

Document the Accident Site

Take pictures or videos of the accident using your mobile device. Include:

  • Your car,
  • The other vehicles involved,
  • Visible injuries,
  • Road conditions,
  • Signage,
  • Debris,
  • Skid marks, and 
  • Other evidence-worthy objects.

Contact Our Brandon Car Accident Attorney

Consult a lawyer before contacting your insurance company. This is an essential step to protect your rights and ensure that you can receive the compensation you deserve. Dealing with insurance companies may be difficult. If they can avoid paying for your injury, you can rest assured they will.

Our skilled Brandon fatal car accidents lawyers can communicate with the insurance company on your behalf and give you vital assistance regarding the following steps.

Inform Your Insurance Provider

Report the accident to your insurer. Remember that time is running out. Most insurers require you to report an accident within 72 hours. First, contact us at Golden Injury Attorneys and then your insurance. Do not delay doing either.

When communicating with an insurance agent, stick to the facts. Do not exaggerate, hypothesize, or guess. Simply describe what happened in straightforward language. And again, do not apologize or accept guilt. We can help you prepare a formal statement; do not proceed with this statement until you have received assistance from our car accident attorney.

Insurance companies are businesses at their core. They are motivated by profit. They will find any excuse to shortchange you or deny compensation altogether. Our attorneys are used to dealing with their tactics. We’ll ensure that the insurance companies pay the compensation you need. 

Abstain From Social Media

Do not post about your accident. Do not discuss it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social networking site. Anything you post may be used against you.

Be Aware of Your Health

We have stressed that injuries may not be visible at the scene of an accident. Some need hours or even days to show themselves. That does not imply they are not serious.

Some injuries, such as concussion, soft tissue damage, and internal bleeding, might develop and create further difficulties. Monitor yourself for injuries and changes, and record all symptoms.

Contact an accident lawyer with vast knowledge of Florida’s car accident laws immediately. You must protect your rights and ability to pursue a personal injury claim. Call Golden Injury Attorneys for an initial consultation about your case.

What Defines a Wrongful Death in Florida?

The legal meaning of wrongful death is not an opinion. Generally speaking, a case meets the legal criteria the death is caused by

  • Wrongful actions,
  • Negligence, or
  • Breach of contract.

If it is due to the actions of another driver in a motor vehicle, our Brandon fatal car accidents lawyers may typically build a compensation case.

As with most legal actions, it can feel daunting to those without legal knowledge. We work with clients to ensure that the essential process of determining liability and seeking compensation is done properly.

We know that a lot happens after a vehicle accident. Still, it is better to talk with our skilled fatal car accidents lawyers as soon as possible. The collision will remain vivid in the witnesses’ memories and other drivers involved. The potentially long legal claim may be initiated and pursued while victims focus on what is essential.

We have lawyers available to discuss your case and its specifics. Call us immediately to schedule a free, in-depth consultation and delegate some of the difficulties of a deadly car accident to our highly skilled lawyers.

Should You Take Legal Action After a Fatal Car Accident?

Statute 768.21 of the Florida Law outlines the specific elements applicable to damages for victims of wrongful death. This law makes it easier for the family members of a fatal car accident victim to file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. You can claim compensation for:

  • Loss of companionship
  • Mental suffering.
  • Loss of assistance and services provided by the deceased.
  • Expenses related to healthcare and funerals.
  • Loss of wages between their major injuries and their death, if applicable.

You should take legal action if you want to be compensated for the above. Golden Injury Attorneys offer a free initial consultation to lessen the financial burden. Call a car accident lawyer now to learn more!

Who Can Make a Claim for Fatal Car Accidents in Florida?

Other states allow immediate family members to claim compensation following a deadly car accident. This means they can pursue a wrongful death claim if they lost a parent, child, or spouse in a deadly car accident.

In Florida, the law says only a personal representative of the deceased’s estate can file the claim. The personal representative acts on behalf of the estate and the surviving relatives. When filing, they have to include all the beneficiaries.

If you want to know how to get compensation for your loved one’s death, ask us! Our Brandon fatal car accidents lawyers have the knowledge to make it easier for you to understand. Call us today to schedule a free consultation!

What Are the Elements of a Winning Wrongful Death Claim?

It is a regrettable fact that not every tragic accident is actionable. To establish the case, our fatal car accidents lawyers must demonstrate that the following conditions are met:

Duty of Care

Every driver on the road has a duty of care to their passengers, the other drivers, and the pedestrians. That implies they must drive attentively and adhere to all traffic regulations.


It is crucial to establish that the plaintiff acted recklessly in some way. This can be established by demonstrating that the defendant broke a traffic law or failed to use the prudence that other drivers in a comparable scenario would.


The term “causation” indicates that the breach of duty caused the accident that resulted in the wrongful death. In a successful wrongful death lawsuit, our skilled fatal car accident lawyers will establish that the defendant’s conduct caused the accident and death.

Injuries and Damages

It is vital to produce a complete accounting of the accident’s damages. These include, among other things, the cost of medical treatment, burial expenses, property damage, future lost income, and pain and suffering for both the deceased and the surviving.

To win your claim, hire our experienced car accident lawyer. We know how to protect your rights and ensure you receive proper compensation. Call our law firm now to schedule a consultation! 

How to Prove Liability in a Fatal Car Accident in Florida?

Our lawyers must establish the driver’s negligence to prove the driver’s responsibility for a fatal vehicle accident. This means they have to prove that:

  1. The driver has a duty of care;
  2. They violated this obligation; 
  3. The breach of the duty caused harm; and
  4. Some damages need to be compensated

Here are some examples where the driver can be held liable for a fatal car accident:

  • The driver was on the wrong side of the road. 
  • The driver passed another car on a highway with two lanes.
  • The driver was going too fast.
  • The driver ran a red light, 
  • The driver did not surrender the right of way.
  • The driver was distracted by a text or a phone call.
  • The driver was under the influence of alcohol or narcotics or was using a prescribed substance with adverse side effects.
  • The driver fell asleep or was exhausted.

Other parties besides the driver may be accountable. Defects can cause accidents involving one or two vehicles. Our competent fatal car accidents lawyers do not need to demonstrate negligence to prove the manufacturer’s fault; we just need to show that the defect caused the accident. These are examples of defects that can lead to fatal car accidents: 

  • Poor quality tires
  • Steering fault
  • Defective brakes
  • Faulty seatbelt or airbag

Florida employs a pure comparative fault rule. This means that the damages awarded are proportional to their fault. You might still claim damages even if your loved one was more than fifty percent at fault. For example, if you suffered $100,000 in damages but were 60% at fault in causing your accident, you can still recover $40,000.

You may be entitled to compensation if your loved one is killed in a fatal car accident. Contact one of our skilled fatal car accidents lawyers from the law office of Golden Injury Attorneys.

What Compensation Can I Recover from a Fatal Car Accident in Florida?

The main difference between a criminal case and a civil one is compensation. Civil cases involve getting compensation for damages, while a successful criminal prosecution involves jail or prison, along with fines paid to the government. Here are the different damages that the court can award you:

Medical Bills

Health care in the United States can be expensive, with or without insurance. Your loved one may have suffered substantial medical and hospital costs. The expenditures on lifesaving procedures, such as Life Flight, might be significant.

Lost Wages and Earning Potential

Your deceased loved one may have been the household breadwinner. You can receive compensation for the deceased’s potential earnings. What will our legal counsel do?

  • Our fatal car accidents lawyers collect the deceased’s employment records.
  • If your child died in a vehicle accident, we will discuss their professional plan and evaluate their academic records.
  • We consult an economist who translates the quantity to present value and puts a monetary value on the deceased’s life.

The Deceased’s Pain and Suffering

The decedent may survive for days or weeks before passing away. Our Brandon fatal car accidents lawyers conduct interviews with family members and caregivers to determine the degree of the deceased’s suffering. 

Burial Costs

The negligent person is liable for the funeral and burial expenses after a fatal accident.

If your loved one was killed in an auto accident, call the law firm of Golden Injury Attorneys for a free consultation with one of our fatal car accidents lawyers in Florida.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Wrongful Death Claims in Florida?

You have just two years to submit a wrongful death claim on behalf of the surviving family members of a fatal car accident victim. If you miss this date, you can get no compensation at all.

It can be hard to take legal action after the passing of your loved one. However, if you don’t act quickly, you may lose your chance forever! Call our attorneys for a free consultation.

Make a Claim After a Fatal Florida Car Accident Today

We at Golden Injury Attorneys are always available. Whether you or a loved one were involved in a major motor vehicle accident in Florida today or in the recent past, please call our law firm immediately to explore your legal options.

Suppose the accident ends in significant injuries or death. In that case, we can immediately begin building a case through a free consultation.

We are always on the client’s side and here to provide anybody injured in a car accident with help, direction, care, and compassion. We are available to guide you through the intricate world of Florida law, guaranteeing a just resolution for all parties involved.

Our legal staff is now available to initiate the claims procedure. Call one of our trained Brandon fatal car accident lawyers immediately to find out how we can assist you.

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