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Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance Attorney in Brandon, FL

Many persons with disabilities are not aware that they could be entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or  Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Others are aware that they could be receiving benefits but are unsure how to proceed.

Before applying for disability benefits, it is important to be armed with all the facts. The Social Security Administration (SSA) reports that almost 6 out of 10 disability claims are denied the first time. These could be on medical or technical grounds or other related reasons.

A seasoned Brandon social security disability insurance attorney can help guide you through the complex application process and assist you in obtaining the benefits you deserve. At Golden Injury Attorneys, we advocate passionately for your rights. Our Florida firm will assist you in every step of the way, from preparing paperwork and maximizing the window for an appeal of a denied SSDI claim.

Preparing for Your Social Security Disability Application

People with disabilities may generally try to apply for benefits and disability checks. Disabled individuals who are or have become unable to work (or return to work), for instance, may submit a disability application. Depending on the severity, individuals with certain impairments or acquired medical conditions may likewise try to qualify for social security benefits. 

Entitlement for a disabled person often depends on age, a specific medical condition or impairment, and one’s work history. However, these are a lot more complex than they seem. Additionally, the differences between SSDI and SSI benefits can be confusing for the layman. As such, you will need a hard working and knowledgeable SSDI lawyer in Brandon, Florida to explain what social security disability benefits an individual is entitled to.

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Why You Need Reliable Legal Help for Your Disability Claim

For some people, applying at your local Social Security Office can be very overwhelming. This is particularly true given the complicated nature of filings for social security disability insurance or supplemental security income.

As such, if you are planning to apply for social security benefits, first consult with someone knowledgeable about relevant disability law. Get in touch with a trusted Brandon social security attorney who can explain the actual process of qualifying for SSDI payments.

Additionally, an attorney can help avoid a denial by making sure the initial application complies with the Social Security Administration’s rules and procedures. If the initial claim has been denied, your legal counsel could appeal the denial by presenting arguments as to why the claimant qualifies for disability benefits.

The disability application process can be very tedious given the paperwork and forms involved. The disability criteria can also be difficult to grasp, so it is best to promptly seek legal advice from professionals to be spared from additional stress. 

At Golden Injury Attorneys, we advocate passionately for your rights. Contact us today to know more about the legal services we offer.

SSDI Disability Benefits Applications and Denials

social security disability attorney

Getting legal advice from skilled disability attorneys in Florida is helpful both when avoiding a denial and when dealing with one. Appeals are possible, but the right steps must be taken at the right time.

There are many reasons why your claim might be denied the first time. Some of the most common reasons why your disability claim might be denied include:

  • Your asset or income limits are higher than specified limits, if applicable
  • You have not worked recently or for the required period of time
  • You failed to work for long enough at a job that paid into a Social Security program
  • You failed to work for long enough to qualify for work credits
  • There is no evidence of disability before your last insured date
  • Your medical condition is not considered severe enough to prevent you from working
  • The claimant is employed and has earnings exceeding the substantial gainful activity limit
  • The SSA is unable to contact or reach you after your filing

At Golden Injury Attorneys, we have extensive experience helping SSDI applicants with legitimate disabilities successfully appeal denied claims. Our seasoned SSDI attorneys in Florida can help ensure your appeal forms are properly completed and that you have the necessary documentation for your disability application.

Avoid Mistakes by Availing of Reliable Legal Services

Filing for social security disability benefits must never be taken lightly. Every single application filed at the Social Security Office is scrutinized, yet, there is a higher chance that things would go more smoothly if you have the right people working with you. 

In the case of medical disability, for example, hands-on Florida SSDI lawyers could assist with requesting medical records and talking to your doctor regarding your medical condition. When necessary, medical evidence may be used to advocate your case.

If you or any of your family members have a disability or recently became disabled, call our Brandon disability law office as soon as you can. Our legal team works with clients to ensure that they are correctly filing a disability claim. They also help with the disability application paperwork and other forms that must be submitted.

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Claiming Disability Benefits and Why Each Case is Unique

One of the questions that claimants frequently ask is on the amount of time that they have to wait before they can start receiving benefits. While it is understandable that disabled people would need all the help they can get as quickly as possible, there is actually no set time frame.

In some instances, the outcome of applications takes months. The wait would be much longer if your claim was denied, since an appeal must first be processed before the case is reexamined.

Another thing that makes every filing unique is the fact that there is no sure way to find out whether your condition qualifies you for monthly payments. The Social Security Administration would first have to determine the severity of your condition and look at several other factors.

The Social Security Administration List

When looking at SSDI disability applications, the SSA has a list of illnesses or impairments to prioritize. If your condition is on the SSA’s list of impairments, your claim might be approved on medical grounds. The list, however, is not exhaustive.

Disabled individuals with multiple medical conditions, for instance, would likely get their claims approved even if these conditions are not on the list. That is, if they can show that the combined conditions have affected their ability to work productively

Contact our disability law firm and seek legal help for your application for social security benefits. Call us for a free consultation at (813) 607-4653. We operate on a contingency fee basis, so there is never any risk to you. You will not be charged if your claim is denied.

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Providing the Legal Services and Assistance That You Need

Unfortunately, the application process for social security disability benefits is long, stressful, and requires meticulous attention to detail. If you fill in the wrong parameters by mistake, you may not realize it until months later when your application has been denied.

If you have been injured in a work-related incident and have suffered temporary or permanent disability because of that injury, you will have a higher chance of receiving disabled-worker benefits with the help of an experienced Louisville, KY SSDI lawyer assisting as you file your claim.

When you retain our services, we can:

When You Will Need an Attorney to File for Disability

It is not mandatory to have an attorney to file for SSDI. However, it is strongly recommended to have an experienced social security disability lawyer in Kentucky to make these proceedings less stressful for you. This is especially true for cases that can be a bit tricky to deal with.

It is, for example, not unusual for a claimant to be confused with a phrase “unable to engage in substantial gainful activity.” Unknown to many, if you are continuing to work while filing for SSDI, and are earning less than the amount set by the Social Security Administration, you may still qualify for benefits.

The legal services of a disability lawyer is also helpful when securing medical records. The SSA will likely require proof of your disability, and an experienced local attorney will know which x-rays, MRIs, blood work records, physical examinations, and mental health records could possibly support your claim. 

At Golden Injury Attorneys, we provide you with the information you require to build a solid case for coverage. Accommodating your needs and responding to your concerns is our utmost priority.

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Why Choose Golden Injury Attorneys When You Apply for Disability

In any disability program, a disabled person may be entitled to receive certain benefits only if there is sufficient proof and documentation that they are or have become disabled. The requirements for eligibility, however, may differ in certain cases.

If you or any of your family members have a disability or recently became disabled, give us a call and consult with our reliable Brandon, FL social security disability attorneys at Golden Injury Attorneys.

We can help answer your questions on social security disability, explain who qualifies for supplemental security income, work with your doctor, assist with an SSD/SSI claims denial and appeal, and elaborate on the different types of benefits given different mental & physical conditions.

We have years of experience representing disabled workers, widowed spouses, and dependents. Our compassionate and knowledgeable legal team is well versed in the complex area of Social Security claims, allowing us to manage your care and strengthen your case.

What to Remember When Filing an SSDI Claim

Very broadly, SSDI pays you a monthly benefit once the Social Security Administration confirms your disability and approves your application. However, each claim is different. To lessen the risk of a denial, however, below are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Provide all relevant details and specific examples while making sure that your testimony is clear and coherent.
  • Continue to see your own doctor on a regular basis throughout your claim. Long periods of time with no medical treatment could be used as evidence that you were not disabled during that time.
  • Never exaggerate your medical problems, but never minimize them either. As a general rule, always tell the truth.

Despite the volume of disability cases, the social security office scrutinizes and evaluates each SSI and SSDI application very carefully. A Florida social security attorney can explain the different SSDI disability criteria and who can be eligible for disability payments.

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Get Legal Assistance from a Trusted Law Office

While SSDI disability payments and SSI disability benefits have many similarities, they differ in many ways.  The actual disability application process and submitting relevant paperwork to your local Social Security Office can be stressful. This is where an experienced Brandon disability lawyer can help.

If you are planning to apply for social security or have questions on the application process, give us a call. can explain how the circumstances of the individual applying for benefits affect the actual social security benefits he or she is entitled to.

Golden Injury Attorneys represents clients in the Central Gulf Coast region of Florida, encompassing the cities of Brandon, Bradenton, Tampa, and Sarasota located within Hillsborough County, Manatee County, and Sarasota County. Call us at (813) 607-4653 for a free consultation.

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If you have any clarifications on the nature of SSDI payments or other disability programs, contact a lawyer from our social security disability firm. Our Brandon, Florida SSDI claims attorneys are diligent advocates, and will not rest until your case is resolved. Let us show you how we can help.

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