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As a worker in Florida, you have the right to work in a safe environment and receive compensation if you suffer an injury. If you have suffered hearing loss due to your employment, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. However, navigating the legal system and filing a successful claim can be challenging without the help of our qualified workers’ comp attorney.

That’s where Golden Injury Attorneys can help. Our team of legal professionals helps clients receive the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve for hearing loss and other workplace injuries. Our Brandon hearing loss attorney has the knowledge necessary to navigate the complex legal system and protect your rights.

If you have suffered hearing loss due to your employment, don’t wait. Contact Golden Injury Attorneys today to schedule a free consultation and learn how our skilled hearing loss attorney can help you with your workers’ compensation claim. We are committed to fighting for your rights and ensuring that you receive the full benefits to which you are entitled.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Hearing Loss?

Numerous factors can result in hearing loss that may entitle individuals in Florida to fair compensation. Once you reach out to us, our hearing loss attorney will carefully examine your legal entitlements and assess the amount you may be eligible to receive. We manage various cases related to hearing loss, such as:

Vehicle Collisions

Vehicle accidents are a leading cause of head injuries, often resulting in traumatic hearing loss. This encompasses collisions involving cars, motorcycles, trucks, bicycles, and pedestrians. If you have suffered hearing loss after a collision, it is crucial to seek medical attention immediately and consult with our skilled workers’ comp attorney.

Airbag Deployment

Airbags often contribute to hearing loss in vehicle accidents due to the explosive sound or “impulse noise” produced when an airbag deploys.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents

Hitting one’s head during a slip, trip, and fall incident can result in hearing loss. 

Defective Products

Hearing loss can also result from accidents involving hazardous and defective products. This comprises traumatic impact as well as explosive sounds. Faulty earplugs can also result in inner ear damage due to long-term exposure to loud noises in job sites and other locations.

Occupational Accidents

If you are experiencing hearing loss that you suspect may have been caused by a workplace accident, it is important to consult our competent Brandon hearing loss attorney to understand your legal options. You may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, or you can pursue a personal injury or product liability claim if appropriate. 

Workplace accidents can result in hearing loss, and a attorney can help you assess the circumstances of your case and determine the best course of action.

If you are experiencing hearing loss and wondering if you are entitled to compensation, our team of workers’ comp lawyers can help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to find out more about your legal options.

What Are the Criteria for Qualifying for Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Florida?

In Florida, workers injured or ill due to their job may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. However, certain criteria must be met to qualify for these benefits:

Employment Status

The worker must be an employee rather than an independent contractor or volunteer. This means they must have a formal employment relationship with the employer and be paid a wage or salary.


The injury or illness must be related to the worker’s job or work environment. This means that the worker must be able to show that their job duties or work environment caused the injury or illness.

Reporting and Filing Requirements

The worker must report the injury or illness to their employer within 30 days of discovering the problem, and they must file a workers’ compensation claim within two years of the date of the injury or illness.

Medical Evidence

The worker must provide medical evidence that shows a causal relationship between their injury or illness and their work environment. This may include medical records, diagnostic test results, and other documentation.

Other Factors

In some cases, other factors may be considered when determining workers’ compensation benefits eligibility. These may include the worker’s age, length of employment, and other medical conditions that may have contributed to the injury or illness.

If a worker meets these criteria, they may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits in Florida, including medical benefits and wage replacement benefits. It is important to work with our skilled Brandon hearing loss attorney to ensure all requirements are met and maximize the compensation received.

What Are Hearing Loss Claims Under Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Law?

Under Chapter 440, Section 15 of Florida’s Workers’ Compensation law, individuals suffering from work-related hearing loss may be entitled to temporary total or temporary partial disability compensation. This means that during their disability, they could receive up to 66% of their average weekly wage.

What Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are Available for Hearing Loss in Florida?

In Florida, workers who suffer from hearing loss due to their employment may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. The specific benefits available will depend on the severity and permanence of the hearing loss and the nature of the worker’s job.

Here are some of the workers’ compensation benefits that may be available for hearing loss in Florida:

Medical Benefits

The injured worker is entitled to receive medical treatment, including diagnostic testing and hearing aids, for their hearing loss.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits

If the hearing loss temporarily prevents the worker from performing their job, they may be entitled to receive temporary total disability benefits. This benefit pays two-thirds of the worker’s average weekly wage for their recovery period.

Permanent Impairment Benefits

The worker may receive permanent impairment benefits if the hearing loss is permanent and has resulted in an impairment rating. This benefit is paid as a lump sum, and the benefit amount is based on the impairment rating assigned by a qualified medical professional.

Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits

If the hearing loss prevents the worker from returning to their previous job, they may be entitled to receive vocational rehabilitation benefits. This benefit includes job retraining, education, and other services to help workers return to gainful employment.

What is Florida’s Statute of Limitations for Hearing Loss Workers’ Compensation Claims?

In Florida, the statute of limitations for workers’ compensation claims related to hearing loss is generally two years from the date of the injury or the date when the worker knew or should have known that their hearing loss was related to their employment.

It is important to note that there are some exceptions to this general rule. For example, if the employer or the workers’ compensation insurance company has voluntarily paid benefits, the statute of limitations may be extended. Additionally, if the worker was unaware of the connection between their hearing loss and employment, the statute of limitations may be extended.

Why Do I Need a Hearing Loss Attorney in Florida?

If you have suffered hearing loss due to your employment in Florida, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. While it is possible to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits on your own, having our Brandon hearing loss attorney on your side can help ensure that you receive the full benefits you are entitled to. Here are some reasons why:

  • Experience and Knowledge
  • Gathering Evidence
  • Negotiation
  • Appeals
  • Peace of Mind

Our Brandon hearing loss attorney can help you receive the best possible outcome for your workers’ compensation claim in Florida, allowing you to focus on your recovery and return to work.

Experienced Brandon Hearing Loss Attorney Always Available to Assist You

If you have experienced hearing loss, whether it is due to a traumatic event or prolonged exposure to excessive noise levels in the workplace, it is important to file a workers’ compensation claim. However, as outlined above, navigating the rules and regulations involved in a hearing loss claim can be complex. 

Some workers’ compensation plans may pose additional challenges when obtaining compensation for hearing loss. At Golden Injury Attorneys, we have a team of skilled workers’ comp attorneys who in handling hearing loss workers’ compensation claims. 

We understand the pain and frustration of hearing loss, and we are committed to fighting for your rights and maximizing your compensation. Our Brandon hearing loss attorney understands the criteria for qualifying for workers’ compensation benefits in Florida. We will work tirelessly to ensure all requirements are met, and all necessary documentation is submitted on time. 

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